vintage inspired decor design

vintage inspired decor design
I would love to have one… and then just drive on and on… far far away. Can’t think of a road trip like that without this song – Society you are a crazy breed by Eddie Vedder (always on my play list!) –
Anyways, I’m also very soon gonna recommend some very cool places where you can experience living in one of these, but for now these beautiful and dreamy trailers and carvans will make your heart fly. So, let’s go get lost…..
but it here for 14.99 pounds


  1. Patricia Torres March 9, 2011

    as gorgeous as this!! for sure!! lets go!!

    My brother and his girl friend hired a van like this and drove around Australia.. I believe it was the best experience in this lives.. ever!!:-)

  2. Hi Neha,

    There a little something awaiting you at my blog, please drop by: http://allthingzbeautiful.blogspot.com/


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