Diwali in India

It’s lil Avika’s first Diwali and also the first for Myra that she will remember. Apart from the usual hogging on the great food and sweets, we did the usual laxmi pooja, where Myra contributed and sang ‘om jai jagdish‘ along with us and it was the cutest ever, after which she gave us all her blessings. She does this thing where she will put her hand on your head! :)
Later, we went down in the building and saw the fireworks etc. It was all quite nice, except I was both disappointed and scared of all the noise and the big stuff people were bursting. As for us – I lit one single ‘phuljhadi‘. Myra was propped on a stool and she thoroughly enjoyed watching all the craziness. :) She also wished everyone a ‘Happy Dila-wi’!!! :)

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Diwali in India

Havelock Island

IMG_2804 copy

These are pictures from our Trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I had been there already as a kid and always wanted to go back to this place with V. We went to Havelock Island, which is one of the very many islands there and also one of the most gorgeous ones. Getting to Havelock is a bit of a task though! Havelock has lots of options for accommodation – and we stayed at the Barefoot Resort – which is a bit expensive but very lovely! It’s the best on the island and apart from the travel arrangements, where we felt they over charged us and it caused some misunderstandings, we felt it was a great choice of stay, especially with Myra.

The beach is pristine, the food was amazing and the staff was lovely!

Myra loved the beach and wanted to sit in the water all day!! :)

http://www.barefoot-andaman.com/index.php/accommodationIMG_2825 copy  IMG_2793 copy IMG_2792 copy IMG_2786 copy IMG_2783 copy1 IMG_2774 copy IMG_2769 copy IMG_2768 copy IMG_2767 copy  IMG_2760 IMG_2759 IMG_2758 IMG_2755 copy1 IMG_2747 copy1 IMG_2741 copy IMG_2737 copy IMG_2735 copy IMG_2733 copy IMG_2731 copy IMG_2727 copy1 IMG_2721 copy IMG_2836 copy IMG_2828 copy1 IMG_2824 copy  IMG_2840 copy IMG_2841 copy IMG_2795 IMG_2749 copy1 IMG_2832 copy IMG_2821 copy copy