Myra Turns 3!!!

myra chota pero

Our little Myra monkey turned 3 on June 28th. In these three years she has made us so grateful for life. She is thoughtful, bright, adventurous and curious – but not reckless and is rather cautious. She loves consistency just like I do and even more! She is an amazing sister to little Avu and likes to protect her and share (although there is always room there for more :) ) She loves Mickey Mouse and making her own chocolate milk and then finishing it on the count of 10, she loves playing with us, she loves magic and laughing, and just fills the air with so much joy that no one around her can be untouched by it.

Myra – you are our life and soul baby, thank you for coming into our lives and giving us this opportunity to be a part of your bigger journey in life. You are a sweet and loving girl and your strong, beautiful soul just shines so brightly that.. that i just want to thank you really. We love you to bits and hope you always and forever remain happy, healthy and wise. And may you always believe in magic. :)