Quick update

Went to Ethiopia, V’s office retreat. Was great in so many ways, and completely awful in few others. Nevermind. Went back to joburg from there. In a long 9 hr hopping flight. Without yellow fever shot. Was deported. Was kinda cool actually, looking back. Or was it. Hmm. Wish we had never gone.
Spent a week in Dubai without any of my stuff. No laptop. Thank god for my lovely iphone. I have to stop calling it that. Should just call it ‘phone’. But not able to. Met friends, played taboo, threw a party for a dear friend who got engaged recently. Was awesome fun. Like always. Slept at 6:30 am. No big deal. House was a MESS. Big deal – looks ok now. Miss it. Back in joburg now. Hating the food at the hotel. They have a special talent of messing up most things. Had a meeting with the head chef. Future looks hopeful.
On another note – totally obsessed with Tap Zoo and Words with Friends. Reading `Alchemy of Desire’ – loving it!

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