Playdate Gurgaon

I recently had a playdate at home, for few of the kids from Myra’s preschool class. I thought the kids would also enjoy meeting baby Avu. Which they did, throughly. It’s amazing how transfixed these little kids get when they small babies. Myra proudly introduced ‘baby sister avika’ to everyone and everyone wanted to stare, touch, kiss and hold Avu. Avika though, happily slept through all of this!! The kids also ran around the house crazy and at one point screamed in happiness for no reason, real loud. Then one of them lied down on the floor and all of them followed suit.. you get the idea.. Was a great fun and loud evening!! :)

The look –
Myra’s cool pants with fish and blue full sleeves kurta top are both from – the shop¬†

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