Paris 2013 part one

We started our trip to Europe in May. It was supposed to be warm and sunny and basically just some amazing weather. Quite not the same as we landed, it started with cool drizzly days and soon we found ourselves in the middle of a winter season looming it’s head through small windows of days that were slightly sunny, once in a while.

PS: For the reason stated above, in our three week trip around Europe, you might find us in the same clothes over and over. Repeating the two sweaters we took! :)

We started our trip in Paris and first few days were spent lazying and walking around paris with friends..


  1. kebhari August 7, 2013

    the shots are all so awesome!

  2. Anvita August 7, 2013

    Love the pictures Neha! Your family is so adorable, god bless.

  3. kebhari August 21, 2013

    Wow Neha…the shots are all so awesome! Loved them…


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