Pallavan 2014 Fair, Gurgaon

Myra’s preschool – Pallavan, once a year holds a fair at their branch in Anandgram. These are a few glimpses of that. My lil monkey was so happy and laughed with pure joy while riding the train and catching the bubbles and she is just so lovely. So lovely, that it breaks my heart. I get all kinds of crazy emotional just observing her out in the world now that she is growing up and doing new things, and making new discoveries and becoming more of herself. I am pretty sure all of us with kids feel this way, right? :)

pallavan fair-4892 pallavan fair-4897 copy pallavan fair-4895 copy pallavan fair-4894 pallavan fair-4944 copy pallavan fair-4943 pallavan fair-4925 pallavan fair-4923 copy pallavan fair-4921 pallavan fair-4912 copy pallavan fair-4909 pallavan fair-4907 copy pallavan fair-4906 pallavan fair-4905 copy pallavan fair-4904 pallavan fair-4903 copy pallavan fair-5021 copy pallavan fair-5019 pallavan fair-5009 copy pallavan fair-5004 pallavan fair-4999 copy pallavan fair-4976 copy pallavan fair-4961 pallavan fair-4951 copy

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