It’s been more than six months since we have moved to our new place right in Downtown Burj (in Dubai)
We were very lucky to get this current apartment, especially because it faces The Burj and has some amazing views of the tallest tower in the world and the fountain and old town underneath. Also, it’s a got two rooms.
One room has never been done. It serves as a junk room pretty much. And once I make up my mind of wanting to convert it into my studio room or a guest room, things will be easier..
Anyways, so two weeks back V and I were in a mood to settle that room into a guestroom. Put our current bedroom furniture there and buy a new set for us! And that thrills me.. :)
We went to the newly opened Pottery Barn, in Mirdiff Mall. It was my first time at a Pottery Barn and I was so excited and I quite loved it actually and didn’t take me long to fall in love with this chest

and we almost bought it too. But then before buying most things I always dwell and take time thinking about them.. so in the end we have skipped the idea for now, but I do think at some point this will be perfect for us. We don’t like very heavy furniture, but this one is perfect.

And this table I was ready to pick up without any thinking, coz this is just the kind of table I have been looking for past few years.. but they didn’t have it in stock. I still love it!! :) On second thoughts, think it would be perfect if this was also in white..

I did though, end up picking a 5 liter glass watercan with tap. Been trying to get hold of a picture but can’t find one, will take a pic of the one we got at home and post it soon. I hated the idea of a plastic local water filter in the kitchen, and so this is perfect! pics coming soon..

Meanwhile, I also love these lights and want them soooo bad, I don’t think PB Dubai had these though.. but being such a string-lights freak, i love these summery paper lights!

Oh and of course, nothing got done with the other room! :)

moleskine love

Starting with something I fell in love with at first sight – Moleskines.
I remember it was before we moved to France that I had just discovered these. The simplicity is the beauty but the history and the art movement around it, is what makes it special and stand apart from just another writing pad.
I remember, amongst my first conversations  with a friend in France was about moleskines, yes, I was that excited!! I thought it was such a European thing.. poets, artists, people all around sitting in cafes with their Moleskines… Think he thought I was nuts (and two more people the same, and they were even using a moleskine and had no idea what it’s history was! after that I gave up talking to people about it!) but I was so touched when he got me my first moleskine ever, for my birthday that year. :) I have not used mine much yet though.

Moleskine has been around for a long time now and was the most personal creative canvas to artists and writers, among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway.. today they have journals, diaries, watercolor paper books (my fav!) and even city guides! In fact there is an exhibition on Moleskines currently on in Turkey displaying works of 50 international artists.

Smells, sights and sounds will all collide and dissolve to become a hazy memory of your travels and experiences, but the tattered pages, coffee stains, scribbles.. ah, this is what you will actually be able to keep with you forever, to touch, see and hold. Now, you might say what’s the difference between this and any other note/sketch book.. BUT for me I like how it has a history of culture and when you are using yours, you are part of something a little more special than nothing, something that connects you to some other random person in some part of the world on this plane or another.. and that is Moleskine for me. 
Visit this link to take a peek into the amazing stuff people have done.. it’s a must visit link! 
Also Moleskine blog –
I’m excited with this blog and with all the travel plans I have lined up for myself till the end of the year! And suddenly there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. I like it. :)

moleskine love


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