Neemrana Fort Hotel, jaipur delhi

I had always wanted to go to Neemrana Fort Palace. Had heard so much about it.. So from our way to Jaipur from Delhi this time, after meeting up with friends in the morning, and picking up a carseat for M, we were on our way. Delhi to jaipur is about 4-5 hours and somewhere around the 2 hr mark comes this small village of Neemrana, popular for nothing much except this old fort turned hotel, in heritage style. It’s a tiny bit of a complicated left from under a tunnel that’s built through the new flyover.
Once in the town, it’s easy to get lost. Many small guesthouses and hotels have sprung up with similar names, so if you ask people on the road, you will get asked ‘neemrana hotel or neemrana palace or neemrana fort’? Just to be clear – it is Neemrana Fort Hotel. There’s no proper signage for the right one though, or maybe we missed it! So, after 20 mins of being lost in this village, which is full of camels and small shops on the road and bicycles and buffalos, so kinda cute in it’s own way, barring the dusty roads,we hit the right road uphill.

On the way and once you reach the top, you realise it’s beauty. It’s a huge fort almost carved into the hill. On weekends, the entrance is 750 Rs 50% of which can be reimbursed inside at the restaurant. The lack of proper signage made finding the restaurant a riddle in itself.. it helps that you are lost in a pretty place!
We reached the buffet place, which was a big hall, with many tourists like ourselves. The food itself was quite nice. It was priced at 1200 rs for non-resident guests and did not include alcohol beverages.

The property itself is very pretty and takes you back in time. My only peeve was that there were no proper signs, which in a big property like this are a must, and also the staff was not really particularly helpful in that matter.

Overall I would highly recommend a stop over, if not a stay at this gorgeous place! I look forward to a stay too, maybe the coming winter..

Room rates vary from Rs 3000 to 25,000. And there’s 20% discount from May-Aug.

We had a nice, fun afternoon on our way to the Pink City! :)


  1. Priya April 22, 2013

    Looks great Neha! have been thinking of going for stay for a long time, seeing this post now very tempted. 😉

  2. Shipra April 24, 2013

    awesome! Will definitely go.

  3. P. April 27, 2013

    I love the pictures!

    I had no idea Neemrana was this great – made so many failed plans to visit!

  4. Resorts in Udaipur June 11, 2013

    Nice pics!

  5. sachin kashyap June 13, 2013

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