Le Creuset Event

My friend Bijay Thapa from – SugarDaddyBakes invited me to this fun lil event that he was hosting along with the very cool, very stylish cookware company – Le Creuset – Find them on Facebook right here – lecreuset.in

They had a few baking professionals come in and spread some xmas cheer by giving us a live desserts demo and tips and later we all got to wipe the spoons clean. Yummy!!!! I have to say without being biased – Bijay is such an amazing speaker and so seamless in what he does that it was a joy to be part of this. Myra thoroughly enjoyed, not only eating the cakes but also listened with great intent. She hasn’t yet tried her hand at it herself though, neither has her mother. :)

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  1. Looks like a wonderful event to have attended, I need to get investing in some le creuset not sure the husband would appreciate the price tag. Though the toddler would appreciate the cake!


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