Inane (but hopefully) fun trivia about me

I’m a foodie. I don’t react well to hate surprises. Even the smallest ones. I love moving, like from one house to another or one continent to another. When I move I love to unpack. I love to decorate. I love to travel and do it often. I am scared of cartoon or freaky characters walking around (real people inside costumes). I’m scared of ghosts, the dark and lately flying. I must always wash my hands before I eat. I don’t swim or drive. I’m a North Indian married to a South Indian. I like how that sounds. At the wedding if you didn’t know, you would think the opposite. That’s what a lot of people said. Hmm. I think I am quite generous and i strive to be more. I seldom experiment with food and drinks. When I have, it’s been a disaster. Lost in Translation and Fight Club are two of my fav movies ever. V and I are both huge fans of watching documentaries and indie films. I can read people’s hands. Especially after a few drinks. :) I knew I would marry V the moment I met him. He thought I was a stupid kid. I am a game freak (update – not so much lately). I don’t listen to music very often. If I like someone I can almost do anything for them. I don’t like not liking someone. But it happens. I am from Jaipur. I don’t function well can’t function if away from my husband for too long. It’s true. My family and friends will vouch for that. My life revolves around him and I like it that way. I hate spiders. Love to eat and sleep. Sleep indulgence almost never happens anymore. One, because of the kids and two, coz as I’m getting older, sleep is very difficult. If I was a cartoon character I would be Garfield. I got married on my birthday. So did my Grandmom – she got married on hers. I would not recommend that Don’t get married on your birthday!!!!! I am very close to my grand mother. (She passed away, the toughest thing I think which I have gone through)  I think My mom’s the best cook in the world. I hate cricket. I like being alone and don’t mind it at all if I don’t see anyone for days. My dream is to have my own store/label. Also a book. I’m more geeky/tech savvy than my IITian husband. I was an INSEAD partner and lived in a small town in France for a year. It was the one of the best years of my life. I make the best maggie. I have a sister who is five years younger to me. She can kick my ass. Literally. 

I love design. I can spend hours on Pinterest. (follow me). I fall and trip often. We have a list of my top 5 falls. Seriously.  I love reality shows. Judge me if you want. I love seeing people’s pictures, even if I don’t know them. I save things for my grand children. It’s true. I like Poi. I have a bunch of very old photographs handed down from my grandmom, they are my most precious possession. If there is a fire I will fetch them first. They travel with me when I move. My fav quote is by Roald Dahl. I get crazy dreams. Sometimes they have come true. In Bali someone said to us – It’s a good time of the year for marriages and funerals. I found that hilarious. It’s true though – they have a good month for funerals. I still don’t understand.
I admire and envy most – Vastness. In people. In their thinking, action and heart. What I don’t like hate is when people just follow blindly – a person, ideas or anything. Traffic rules are the only rules that should be followed blindly. I don’t like sneaky people. And people who gossip a lot scare me.  I love Fridays. I love `movie nachos’. Sometimes we go to movies just for that. I love guacamole. I can spend hours at a stationary shop. I love fairy lights. You will always find a few at our place. I love things. My fav place ever is my home. And I love being a mom. I believe in magic. Yes, I really do.