favorite iphone apps

Moleskine Iphone app – My fav!! – Turn your iphone into a moleskine and it’s free!

And so these are the few of my favorite things on my iphone.

Falldown 3D – falldown-3d get it here – A very fun free game. I’ve gotten a lot of people addicted to this trying it on my phone.
Sita Sang the Blues – For anyone who loves design and animation and funny scripts and mythology – must get, it’s free. Watch Sita Sang The Blues on your iphone! – sita-sings-the-blues-free
Art Cards by artist Elizabeth Boylon –
These are beautiful cards you can customize to send on that special occasion or best.. just like that! :) And it’s free! –artcards-by-elizabeth-boylan – get them here
DincType –dinctype – get it here – Free.
For design and font lovers. Also has free retro cards!
Wine Notes – free
I’m super excited about this one. Think it’ll be great for my SA trip and to take notes of all the wonderful wines, favs, not so great one, general notes.
 Poolga – 15 great illustrated wallpapers for your iphone at your finger tips! 

Dial a Muse –dial-a-muse – get it here

Muse + retro + fun +free = get it!
Which one do you like? What are your fav apps? share with me! :)

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