Everyone wants to be found {Lost in translation}

Paul Johnson

This is my most favorite movie EVER!! And I have a list of movies that I love you know.. quite a few actually (and you will see them here sooner than later) But this movie.. oh.. see.. I don’t even know what to say about it… it just kind of `knew’ me.. Sophia Cappola’s best work till date! I have also understood that people who `get’ this movie get it, and others just won’t! :) I can watch this film over and over again… 

And how amazing are the three posters??!! They take turns as my desktop wallpaper currently! :)
Do you like this movie?

what do you think he said to her in the end??


  1. GB July 1, 2010

    :) Loved the movie too…though maybe not as much as you do 😀

  2. Green Families July 5, 2010

    One of my favorites too! It breaks my heart in so many ways. I love the pain and the honesty and love and lust. SO perfect.

  3. Neha Ramabhadran July 6, 2010

    Green families – I miss you!!!!!!! :(


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