Holidays & Chez Nini

It’s the best thing ever when your friends visit, specially old ones, when you are new to a place. It’s funny.. we sort of still feel new to the city!! 😀
Yash & Khushali are our very close friends who live in Dubai. Myra was super thrilled to have them as company. With her many stories that she narrated to them and all the fooling around that she did with uncle yash and khoosali aunty, Myra had the best few days. The fact that it was X’mas time made everything that much more special. We spent time at home chilling, went to cyber hub and went for a X’mas brunch to Chez Nini at Meharchand Market.

Myra was super excited to find a whole book of stickers under the tree and uses them very carefully now. She is not very generous in sharing the stickers with her sister or others. We are sure that will happen in time too. She is so adorable!! :)

Myra wore – Biba for kids 
I wore Zara & Marks & Spencers coat

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We did what we do best – hogged on the amazing food, drank a lot of wine and made merry!! :))
Chez Nini has closed now, after a successful long stint. The nice friendly ambiance and the gorgeous food will be missed. Chef Nira of Chez Nini has no plans to quit her passion though, she is bringing lots of new exciting things as she has closed door to Chez Nini – the restaurant, but opening many doors to a lot of interesting stuff. Follow her here, to be part of her adventures – facebook page chez nini

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