Surajkund Mela – everything about it!!

Surajkund Mela review – all you need to know about it. Survival tips!! :)

Our saturday started with a bang – some play time with the kids, crying, tantrums, baths and change, and we were ready to head out for the big fun day out, that we had planned for – to the 29th Surajkund International Crafts Mela, 2015.

From our place in Gurgaon, it was pretty convenient as we took the Faridabad road. It was closer than I expected. In 40 minutes we were there. (we used google maps)

We reached about 11:45 am. Which was good, because within a few hours, when we left it became a lil too crowded for our team to sustain any sort of hanging out at the mela, in a good spirits. Especially because Myra wanted to be carried around!!

Surajkund Mela is basically an amalgamation of handicrafts, food and culture from different parts of the country. Not only that, it also features cultural performances and handicrafts from other countries like Lebenon, Sri lanka, Russia, Bangladesh etc.
There are also installations around the Mela, for one to enjoy and get some good pictures. Myra loved seeing all the colourful flowers and people in costumes. She was even very excited to say hello to ‘mr cop’ whenever she would see a police guy. Of which they were many walking around, making it all feel quite a safe place.

Here are my top suggestions, tips, advice if you are planning to go to the Surajkund Mela

1 – Go early. It starts at 10:30 am. Try to be there as early as you can, later in the day it gets crazy crowded.
2 – Should you go to Surajkund mela with kids? Well, it is great fun for kids, with all the sights and stuff around. Do take a stroller. Also, keep a tight hold and eyes on your child. It’s an easy enough place to get lost, and while we were there we heard a kid had gotten lost. Here’s hoping she was found quickly!
3 – Bargain for sure, if buying stuff.
4 – Big variety in food is available – indian, chinese, chaats, kulfis etc. Try eat early (around 12) and then roam around. Later in the day, it’s too chaotic at the food stalls.
5 – Always carry your own bottle of water.
6 – If you find a washroom near you – go. Don’t wait till you have to go and then finding the washroom is a bit of a pain.
7 – Try go over the weekday for a good look around. The place is huge and there are hundreds of stalls.
8 – They have a section with rides. We did not go that side, but it seemed like fun.
9 – Ask your way around. You will see quite a few cops walking around & they are quite helpful.
10 – Take cash.
The mela is on till the 15th of Feb. Enjoy the fun!!! :)

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Serendipity Store Delhi

Last weekend we found ourselves taking, what seemed like, a bit of an exotic drive. Off the MG road, towards Jaunpur village, around 10 mins of drive, past the farmhouses and little shops, we found this place tucked in a corner of a street. With the big blue door and a little board with the name on top.

It’s a kothi, now transformed into a store which pans over two floors and a lovely terrace where they now have Sunday Brunch. Which is exactly what we had gone for. We parked ourselves in the shade and ordered our cokes and juices. The idea for the brunch is that they invite a different chef every sunday – and have food prepared by their kitchen. So, every sunday is different food to look forward to! Priced at 1500 Rs, while the brunch is not your typical huge spread, it is quite delicious I have to say. We got to have – mezze platter, pasta, paranthas, breads, fruit and salad. And we finished off with some really nice pancakes served with honey and jam. In winters, it’s the perfect kind of a get away – on a nice sunny rooftop, on a terrace away from home! :) The store is perfect for picking up – clothes, kid’s wear, home decor stuff etc.
The host and owner – Kuldeep, joined us for a chit-chat and Myra completely took her instantly. In fact, she often talks about her and now ‘Kuldee’ even features in her drawings!! :) Myra has this connection with a few people, where she will just instantly become very good friends with them. It’s like they have known each other before.

This is Serendipity store in Delhi, MG road. Please make reservations before going. Also, this place can be rented for events.

serendipity delhi

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serendipity store delhi

Kuldeep, Serendipity

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Myra and Liya

Myra’s first friend ever is Liya. She has played with kids before but in every sense Liya is her first ‘friend’. She hangs out with her, plays and hugs her. They jump and dance and act all silly together. :)


first friend

Myra’s first friend

first friend

Myra’s first friend

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