kid’s room lovely decor

Oh such longing… to be young again and be lost in the world of stories and dreams and hugs and cuddles. To never think too much or too little, to never be bound by rules and society. To dress up in summer frocks and pigtails, to play and ponder over dolls and doll houses. Of swans and stars and little candy jars, brothers and sisters and feet without long heels and blisters!
To just be.
To wanting it all back that’s lost in those precious memories of a childhood. :)A lovely girls’ room is more than just a room after all…Which one’s your favorite??



Adorable ideas for adorable ones

  twin set 36$  cute!!   

design you won lamp – 36$
my favorite one! It’s layered, so you can display new art pieces every now and then. 

 Keep it handy, you will cherish it forever. Or alternatively use any handy small pretty diary to keep recording all those shocking, cute quotes by your little ones! :) 
   So much fun to make things!  build your own kaleidoscope – 14.95$