Halloween 2013

Last year’s Halloween was the first for Myra. Magically enough – {coz i’m so not the type (YET) to get into super diy mode} I found all the ingredients at home and my lil Myru made such a cutie Wilma from Flintstones! :)

The Belaire – place where we stay in Gurgaon, is such a vibrant community. I’m not much of a social creature around here, but I really appreciate the enthusiasm and the effort people take to make it a nice, pleasant place to stay in. It’s really commendable.

Halloween was full on with parades and candy collection and dressing up and lots of colour and some fake blood. :) untitled-52 untitled-58 untitled-56 untitled-55 untitled-54 untitled-53 untitled-59 untitled-51 untitled-61 untitled-60 untitled-66 untitled-65 untitled-64 untitled-63 untitled-62

Myra’s 1st B’day

IMG_2110 copy

It was soon after we moved to Delhi. We had just finished a fab holiday in Europe with friends and headed to another great celebration of a wedding of a close friend in Chennai.
Myra’s 1st b’day was hence at home in Chennai. In Tamil tradition – the grandparents were keen to have an Ayush homam, which is basically a function for a child’s first b’day where many many people are invited (as they usually are on most of these ‘auspicious’ occasions) and then they have the homam (hawan, a pooja with mantras and fire)
V and I have always been very skittish about big gatherings of people (half of them we do not know or keep in touch with) but we understand that these things are imp to the elderly.. so there we are all prepped up for a big Tamilian style Ayush homam. I’m a very untraditional person per se, but for me, the saving grace is that the food is always always super yummy!! :)

The “good date” fell a day before M’s actual b’day, so the function was on that day. And then on her B’day itself we got her a lil cake and had her have a go at it. She was just the cutest!! We then attended the friend’s wedding and the eve close family members gathered around for cake cutting and some family time together.

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Italy – Florence, Rome 2013

V’s favorite places – Florence and Rome. Although, with all the confusion with our luggage, we were left with just one day in Rome. We drove from Sienna to Florence and then from Florence to Rome.

IMG_1909 IMG_1915 IMG_1926 copy IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1936 IMG_1939 IMG_1982 copy IMG_1970 IMG_1965 copy1 IMG_1952 IMG_1944  IMG_1914 IMG_1911 IMG_1828 IMG_2052 copy IMG_2046 copy IMG_2045 copy IMG_2017 IMG_2015 copy IMG_2007 IMG_2003 IMG_2001 IMG_2000 IMG_1987

Italy 2013 – Sienna, Tuscany


After our reunion in Spain, V, myself and Myra headed to Italy!!! We started off by landing in  Florence and drove to Sienna. It started on a wrong foot though – we flew Veuling airline from Malaga to Florence, with a stop over in Barcelona. Along the way somewhere the airline decided to leave all the luggage, yes, ALL. Of each and every passenger – BEHIND.
So we arrived in cold, rainy Florence with hardly anything on us except some food for Myra and the clothes on our back. Stuck with no luggage, no stroller, nothing for Myra. I was in tears and resolved from then on to up my skills at packing!!
Our vacation days consisted of us being on the phone often with the staff of Veuling following up about our stuff.. wrote a lengthy complain on Facebook and after five days, and basically having ruined all our plans, we finally received our stuff. This meant that we had to hang around in Sienna till we got our stuff, hence reducing our days in Florence and no time left except an evening for Rome.
We made the best of it though. Carrying Myra in the carrier and some basic shopping at a near by store, we braved it all still! :)
We drove around Tuscany and walked the narrow gorgeous streets of small and big Italian towns and cities. My fav was Sienna and whatever lil we saw of Rome.
This is Tuscany region and Sienna.


Myra’s first taste of Ice-cream!!


We are always up for being silly!!! :)

IMG_1836 copy IMG_1837 IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1850 IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1840 IMG_1838 IMG_1870 IMG_1867 IMG_1866 IMG_1864 IMG_1863 IMG_1861 IMG_1859 IMG_1858  IMG_1856 IMG_1854 IMG_1887 IMG_1884 IMG_1883 IMG_1875 copy IMG_1873 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1888 IMG_1892 IMG_1890 IMG_1889 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1896 IMG_1895 IMG_1894 IMG_1893 IMG_1904

Marbella, House

We rented a house in Marbella for three days. Our days consisted of basically hanging out, cooking and barbecuing together some very delicious meals and making some very potent sangrias. We played games, danced to loud music, followed Myra around the gardens as she went around picking everything in sight and wanting to put it in her mouth (I truly hated that phase, I have to confess).
We had a pool and a lovely jacuzzi to lay in.. The place where the house is, is so fab that it feels like you are in a hollywood location or something! It overlooks other gorgeous houses and the sea! Ah, those blissful days…

IMG_1757 IMG_1765 IMG_1769 IMG_1783 IMG_1779 IMG_1778 IMG_1774 IMG_1771 IMG_1798 IMG_1793 IMG_1787 IMG_1786 copy IMG_1784 IMG_1824 IMG_1809 IMG_1806 copy IMG_1799 copy