Diwali in India

It’s lil Avika’s first Diwali and also the first for Myra that she will remember. Apart from the usual hogging on the great food and sweets, we did the usual laxmi pooja, where Myra contributed and sang ‘om jai jagdish‘ along with us and it was the cutest ever, after which she gave us all her blessings. She does this thing where she will put her hand on your head! :)
Later, we went down in the building and saw the fireworks etc. It was all quite nice, except I was both disappointed and scared of all the noise and the big stuff people were bursting. As for us – I lit one single ‘phuljhadi‘. Myra was propped on a stool and she thoroughly enjoyed watching all the craziness. :) She also wished everyone a ‘Happy Dila-wi’!!! :)

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Diwali in India

Naming ceremony

Indian naming ceremonies can be big and elaborate with hawans and poojas… Since we are in India this time, I was tempted to have a hawan at home too. Not that I’m into these things much, but it seemed like a nice thing to do.. Till I spoke to the priest that is! I had planned to tell him to keep it real short and sweet. For this happy occasion and what not –  suggested 3 days of ceremony, if not then at least a whole day of several rituals. That was pretty much the end of that idea.

So, like last time – we laid out a little setup in the hall. With all the family gathered, we sang a few bhajans, ate sweets and enjoyed watching Myra and her lovely, crazy antics. She got ready to go to school basically and ran around the house carrying her bag. And when we sang bhajans, she curiously closed her eyes and swayed to the music, she’s such a doll!!  :)

And softly, Vivek whispered her name to her.

We name you Avika – little one. Beautiful like a rose and strong like earth. You are the rays from the sun. You are our rays from the sun. :)

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Sibling love

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siblings meeting for the first time

Everyone told us we might have some ‘issues’ or face ‘jealousy bouts’ from Myra when the baby is here. That she might feel neglected or something…

My cute lil Myru monkey was a doll!!! She came all excited to the hospital to meet ‘baby sister’ and seeing them both together is just so lovely! As for Myra feeling neglected – there is no way she did. Not only were the grandparents so loving and pampering to her that she just has so much fun with them; V and I – even at the hospital or anytime at all- miss her and talk about her all the time. There’s absolutely no difference in how much attention or love one child gets over the other. So, honestly I have no idea what those ‘issues’ are, at least for now!! And I’m happy for that! :)

Vivek held Myra in his arms and took her to see Avika. Myra goes – ‘Avika, this is Appa’ – This for me was the best moment ever, I’ll never ever forget it!! :) We are so happy we have two girls!!!!

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Sibling love