Mornings at home

My mornings at home with these two are usually crazy, especially now that Myra has holidays. Myra wants to lay and cuddle and scream and I want to sleep in or start on some work. Either ways, it’s so much fun! We wake up super late (8-8:30 usually, sometimes even 9) hence i’m obviously dreading school re-opening. These pictures are of few such lazy  mornings at home. V found a box with packaging thermocol material at work and brought it for Myra as a surprise, she is ecstatic about it. I love how lil nothings make such special play things for kids. :)papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs



Delhi Palate Festival 2014

There’s still all of today to go. So if you must do something – let it be The Delhi Palate Festival 2014.  We spent the entire day there and had a blast – amazing food, sangrias, beer,  chilling at the park, great weather. There – all the reasons you must head to The Nehru Park  today!! :) enjoy

Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014 Delhi palate festival 2014


Playdate Gurgaon

I recently had a playdate at home, for few of the kids from Myra’s preschool class. I thought the kids would also enjoy meeting baby Avu. Which they did, throughly. It’s amazing how transfixed these little kids get when they small babies. Myra proudly introduced ‘baby sister avika’ to everyone and everyone wanted to stare, touch, kiss and hold Avu. Avika though, happily slept through all of this!! The kids also ran around the house crazy and at one point screamed in happiness for no reason, real loud. Then one of them lied down on the floor and all of them followed suit.. you get the idea.. Was a great fun and loud evening!! :)

The look –
Myra’s cool pants with fish and blue full sleeves kurta top are both from – the shop 

untitled-4000 copy untitled-4001 copy untitled-4003 copy untitled-4004 copy untitled-4005 copy untitled-4006 copy untitled-4007 copy untitled-4008 copy untitled-4013 copy untitled-4012 copy untitled-4011 copy untitled-4014 copyPlaydate Gurgaon

Rent in Gurgaon

I had found her contact online and called her from Dubai, before moving here to gurgaon. Chewed her brains on all my questions and concerns and she patiently listened and answered. I had never met, leave aside spoken to, a property dealer/ real estate consultant  who you could actually talk to. Mostly it’s all haggling, waiting for the keys, misunderstanding, mis-quoting, all sorts of lies and waiting, and drama. So she sounded too good to be true. I think i even told her ‘ you sound sort of cool’!!

Then we moved here and met her. We liked her instantly as our ‘broker’. She has an amazing, likeable personality. Some very cool Tattoos. Easy to talk to and understands you well. SPEAKS ENGLISH. 😀 yes, a rental property dealer in gurgaon who speaks english!!! Anyways, so she helped us find this nice place we currently live in. Since then we have been friends and we like her a little more now. I would highly recommend her for all your property needs in Gurgaon.

Here’s Jugnu Grewal Almeida ( broker, property dealer, real estate consultant of Gurgaon) , holding little Avika, when she came to meet her for the first time.

Find Jugnu’s website here for all your rental needs –

Jugnu Grewal Almeida

Jugnu Grewal Almeida


And here’s Avika Ramabhadran

My morning beauties, sibling love

Myra is asking me currently ‘mumma this is pom point?’ (read power point) – 8 times already, i’m counting. Despite me answering her each time. :) Avika is beginning to coo now. Soon to become a cry I am anticipating.
Life with two small girls is so amazing. It’s hectic and sometimes i think I’m losing my mind but it’s super fun. And when they are as cute as these two – I only find myself counting my blessings. Managing time is the biggest challenge I find, though. Specially with all the stuff to do in a day, if I still want to squeeze an hour’s nap for myself. This usually involves coaxing and running and begging after Myra with ‘let’s go to sleep for a bit, baby’ pleads. If it’s my lucky day – she agrees and then all three of us get to take a lovely afternoon nap! :)

The look:
The girls are both wearing Mothercare. Avika wearing the onsie. Myra wearing a matching night suit set  –   mothercare
Quilt on the bed – anokhi
M’s shoes – Hands down her favourite (and ours!!) – Crocs

Just another day at home with the girls – 

untitled-3909 copy untitled-3917 copy untitled-3919 untitled-3922


Diwali at Pallavan Pre School

Myra started pre-school a few months back and took almost two months to now finally get to a point where she cries to go to school, instead of wanting not to. For weeks I would sit, with my heavy pregnant belly, in her class and she would cling to and walk away only till the corner of my kurta dragged! As if attached to me with an invisible umbilical cord…

I would sit patiently and wonder and wait… There were a few others who cried and howled and eventually they also got ok. Except Myra. She is special. I had told myself, that it’s ok if she never adjusts, what’s the worst!? Twice I cried. And eventually I cut that cord, I had to, so I stopped going. Sent her with my dad and hoped for the best. Myra would come home and tell us how she cried in school and she would enact the whole thing and would laugh about crying at school!! Which actually made me realise that it’s not as bad I think.. She was well aware of her surroundings and it was a matter of time. And i was right.

Myra goes to Pallavan Pre school in Dlf phase 1, Gurgaon. I am going to take out time and write more in detail about the school and what we think of it and why we chose it over the Anagram branch or the very talked about Anand preschool. More on that later.
The principal Bhavana, at Pallavan, was the main reason we had chose this school in the first place. Both V and I instantly just liked her! And I guess we were right because she showed immense patience and enthusiasm with Myra. Making sure she personally takes out time for Myra and walks with her and talks to her till she adjusted. She’s a gifted person when it comes to being able to bond with kids. :) They call the teachers at Pallavan ‘Mausis’ (one of the things that I don’t like about the school!) And Myra loves her Seema and Neeti Mausis now and talks so much about them!! :)

Before they closed for Diwali vacation the school had a lil celebration – they decorated tulsi plants with glitter and gold and distributed sweets, made rangolis with flowers and paint and everyone was asked to come in Indian clothes if they could – Myra, while I was looking for her clothes, found an older set of pavadai, which was quite short and insisted that she will wear only that. So, here, my lil baby in an Indian outfit a lil too short for her!! 😀

Pallavan school website –

untitled-4075 untitled-4078 untitled-4114pallavan pre school elf phase 1 untitled-4094

pallavan pre school elf phase 1

pallavan pre school dlf phase 1

pallavan pre school elf phase 1

pallavan pre school dlf phase 1

pallavan pre school elf phase 1

pallavan pre school dlf phase 1

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exchanging notes on toffees

exchanging notes on toffees

untitled-4101 untitled-4102 untitled-4109 untitled-4112

pallavan pre school elf phase 1

pallavan pre school dlf phase 1