2nd B’day Party for M

We were very excited for M’s B’Day party. All geared up with ideas on what to do and how we wanted to do it. :) Quite a few people and kids we wanted to have over for the party, were travelling, but it still promised to be one good evening.
On the day though, we found ourselves pretty much.. very unorganised. The cook we had arranged for, to come and make Chinese food – was very very late and arrived only at 2:30 pm to disappear again at 6 pm for two hrs. Not that I was home to completely soak in the madness. We were in Delhi doing some last minute errands and picking up the cake. Or let me put it this way – since we had to be in delhi anyways to pick the cake, we also went to saket mall to see the first day of the sales. Fair enough. I think.

For the cake – We wanted a very simple, classy one. I always shy away from big productions of any cartoon stuff if I ever can (we will see how long I can sustain that). So I found a design I loved and rang up my friend Bijay Thapa who runs ‘Sugar Daddy Bakes’. We had an exciting conversation about the design of the cake (he totally is a design freak too) and we decided on a Orange and Chocolate cake. Orange for me, Choc for V. Myra doesn’t care – she loves cake. period. :) The cake was every bit as delicious and more as I had hoped it would be. Coz that would have been awkward – if it wasn’t..  you know coz Bijay is a friend and all.. :) Anyways, so it was yummy!!!! And everyone loved it and we loved it and we had the left overs for next two days. Find him here and order lots –https://www.facebook.com/SugarDaddyBakes

The party was also something V looked fwd a lot too –  coz it was going to be *ahem ahem* much like another party at home. And that’s always such a blast. Myra was in an amazing mood and thoroughly enjoyed herself. :) She wore a simple black dress from Next. And somehow kept a beautiful big rose on her head and looked just so gorgeous. I totally love her soooooo much. Ah, it hurts. :) She also happily sang ‘happy birthday’!!

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