Holidays & Chez Nini

It’s the best thing ever when your friends visit, specially old ones, when you are new to a place. It’s funny.. we sort of still feel new to the city!! ūüėÄ
Yash & Khushali are our very close friends who live in Dubai. Myra was super thrilled to have them as company. With her many stories that she narrated to them and all the fooling around that she did with uncle yash and khoosali aunty, Myra had the best few days. The fact that it was X’mas time made everything that much more special. We spent time at home chilling, went to cyber hub and went for a X’mas brunch to Chez Nini at Meharchand Market.

Myra was super excited to find a whole book of stickers under the tree and uses them very carefully now. She is not very generous in sharing the stickers with her sister or others. We are sure that will happen in time too. She is so adorable!! :)

Myra wore РBiba for kids 
I wore Zara & Marks & Spencers coat

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We did what we do best – hogged on the amazing food, drank a lot of wine and made merry!! :))
Chez Nini has closed now, after a successful long stint. The nice friendly ambiance and the gorgeous food will be missed. Chef Nira of Chez Nini has no plans to quit her passion though, she is bringing lots of new exciting things as she has closed door to Chez Nini – the restaurant, but opening many doors to a lot of interesting stuff. Follow her here, to be part of her adventures –¬†facebook page chez nini

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holiday fun & lunch

Myra loves going to the mall. Well, for the lack of.. let’s say going strawberry picking in nice lush green surroundings (Europe, some day..)!! She loves riding the car at the mall (which was her special thing she even wanted on her birthday), going through shops and we play – ‘where do you see.. such and such item’ games, and she loves running around and it’s just generally a lot of fun with the kids when we go to. We specially like the Select city walk mall at Saket. It has a nice outdoor area and it’s connected to other malls – so you have goodearth, mother care, hamleys, amici, burberry all in one place. And also my new fav restaurant – read below.
Myra is wearing our favourite – Chota Pero & Zara
Avika is wearing –¬†
mother care & H&M kids

xmas yumcha

xmas yumcha xmas yumcha xmas yumcha xmas yumcha xmas yumcha

YUM YUM CHA, SELECT CITY WALK, SAKETOur recent discovery and my new love is the pan again bistro¬†– Yum Yum Cha. It’s a stylish, cute place and on the weekends you will always have to wait for a few minutes. But it’s worth it. We particularly loved the orange drink with kafir leaves, it is so refreshing. The rest of the food was great, and we specially LOVED the noodles. If you find yourself craving some good good food – this is the place. I swear! :)

Le Creuset Event

My friend Bijay Thapa from –¬†SugarDaddyBakes¬†invited me to this fun lil event that he was hosting along with the very cool, very stylish cookware company – Le Creuset – Find them on Facebook right here –¬†

They had a few baking professionals come in and spread some xmas cheer by giving us a live desserts demo and tips and later we all got to wipe the spoons clean. Yummy!!!! I have to say without being biased – Bijay is such an amazing speaker and so seamless in what he does that it was a joy to be part of this. Myra thoroughly enjoyed, not only eating the cakes but also listened with great intent. She hasn’t yet tried her hand at it herself though, neither has her mother. :)

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Pallavan 2014 Fair, Gurgaon

Myra’s preschool – Pallavan, once a year holds a fair at their branch in Anandgram. These are a few glimpses of that. My lil monkey was so happy and laughed with pure joy while riding the train and catching the bubbles and she is just so lovely. So lovely, that it breaks my heart. I get all kinds of crazy emotional just observing her out in the world now that she is growing up and doing new things, and making new discoveries and becoming more of herself. I am pretty sure all of us with kids feel this way, right? :)

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The Belaire, Gurgaon

We live in one of the most socially active condominiums in Gurgaon, I think. The organising committee is super active and actually pulls off some nice events for the residents here. One such was a drawing competition for kids. We took Myra. The theme was ‘friendship’ and Myra drew balloons, upside down. Very very seriosuly. :)

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Mornings at home

My mornings at home with these two are usually crazy, especially now that Myra has holidays. Myra wants to lay and cuddle and scream and I want to sleep in or start on some work. Either ways, it’s so much fun! We wake up super late (8-8:30 usually, sometimes even 9) hence i’m obviously dreading school re-opening. These pictures are of few such lazy ¬†mornings at home. V found a box with packaging thermocol material at work and brought it for Myra as a surprise, she is ecstatic about it. I love how lil nothings make such special play things for kids. :)papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs papermagictwiigs