Myra’s 2nd B’day preps

Myra’s second B’day – How time flies!!! These two years with Myra in our lives have been truly magical. She’s such a delightful lil girl. She has this amazing sense of humour already.
This year we decided to have a lil party for her at home. I hope we are able to do the ‘home party’ stuff for as long as we can… Gurgaon, Delhi.. has a big trend of hosting parties outside at venues etc… which are great fun too, and so much easier to organise. But I love the lil charm of a house party. Always have, always will.
We looked around at party shops in Gurgaon to get the supplies and the best one we like is – Wanna Party – Gurgaon phase 4.  you can check out their fb page here –

Some fun pics while we shopped for fun stuff and later of a nice dinner  at  56 Ristorante Italiano, Gurgaon, Dlf Phase 5. A stone’s throw away from our place. The ambience is nice, it reminded me of Dubai, as if I was sitting some place downtown.. The food was nice, above average. One could easily go a few times.. Myra had fun arranging the stones around! :)

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New Year – 2014

IMG_0369While last year was all about new changes – new job for V, new move for us to Delhi, setting up our place, travels to Europe and general chaos and fun – that a year every now and then holds for us. As hectic and confusing and overwhelming things can get – we sort of look forward to stuff like that… This year has been quite a ride in itself, already! :)
For New Years’ we found ourselves taking the shatabdi train to Chandigarh to be with our close friends – I&N. They throw amazing house parties and we had a blast! I had such a good time but I felt a bit tired and out of it, and slept off earlier than the rest of the gang. Which really upset V and friends – coz they thought if i slept at 2 I was being a ‘party pooper’. Yes, I have very mature people in my life. :)

So, on 1st when we went for brunch I was feeling all well – better than anyone else on the table – and ordered my pitcher of margarita! We all had a nice merry time with pitchers of bloody marys, margaritas and mojhitos.
We arrived back to Delhi and in a few days I found out that I was pregnant!!!!! :) yay!!!! So that brunch in Chandigarh was my last indulgence.. sigh!!
IMG_0187_2We were obviously thrilled, and also a lil surprised – We had just started to think that we were ready for another one and there it was! I think we were expecting it to take some time.. but I suppose everything has it’s perfect timing. So well, the year started out with a big bang for us!! :)

The first trimester was awful – nausea at it’s worst, lost a lot of weight coz of that, which was sort of good i guess… Second trimester flew and I miss just sleeping all day long if I wanted. With Myra it has been hectic but also solo much fun. She thinks every tummy has a baby!!! :)


Diwali 2013

Diwali was great. First time in more than 10yrs I spent it with my folks and grand parents, who happened to be visiting at the time. Was such a lovely time. We kept it low key, at home. Keeping away from the pollution and noise.. Ordered some food, lit some crackles, and sang some songs… :)

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Halloween 2013

Last year’s Halloween was the first for Myra. Magically enough – {coz i’m so not the type (YET) to get into super diy mode} I found all the ingredients at home and my lil Myru made such a cutie Wilma from Flintstones! :)

The Belaire – place where we stay in Gurgaon, is such a vibrant community. I’m not much of a social creature around here, but I really appreciate the enthusiasm and the effort people take to make it a nice, pleasant place to stay in. It’s really commendable.

Halloween was full on with parades and candy collection and dressing up and lots of colour and some fake blood. :) untitled-52 untitled-58 untitled-56 untitled-55 untitled-54 untitled-53 untitled-59 untitled-51 untitled-61 untitled-60 untitled-66 untitled-65 untitled-64 untitled-63 untitled-62

Myra’s 1st B’day

IMG_2110 copy

It was soon after we moved to Delhi. We had just finished a fab holiday in Europe with friends and headed to another great celebration of a wedding of a close friend in Chennai.
Myra’s 1st b’day was hence at home in Chennai. In Tamil tradition – the grandparents were keen to have an Ayush homam, which is basically a function for a child’s first b’day where many many people are invited (as they usually are on most of these ‘auspicious’ occasions) and then they have the homam (hawan, a pooja with mantras and fire)
V and I have always been very skittish about big gatherings of people (half of them we do not know or keep in touch with) but we understand that these things are imp to the elderly.. so there we are all prepped up for a big Tamilian style Ayush homam. I’m a very untraditional person per se, but for me, the saving grace is that the food is always always super yummy!! :)

The “good date” fell a day before M’s actual b’day, so the function was on that day. And then on her B’day itself we got her a lil cake and had her have a go at it. She was just the cutest!! We then attended the friend’s wedding and the eve close family members gathered around for cake cutting and some family time together.

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