beautiful design

How I wish there was an Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie etc here in Dubai!! I’m in love with so much of their stuff.
My favs -This Waterfall ruffle duvet – I totally NEED this!! Isn’t it just perfect?? LOVE it!

Waterfall ruffle duvet – 149-199$

Love these clutches from Rebecca Norman

via anthropologie.com – 68$
via anthropologie – 4998$
via anthropologie – Buttercup Tote – 128$
Via anthropologie – 28$
And this gorgeous vase – I already got! Had it shipped to a friend and waiting eagerly for it. Apparently it comes in a pretty huge box.

It’s been a while..

So yes, it’s been a while… Life has been great, full of surprises and happy travels. I took a deliberate break from blogging and now intend to dive back in!
Since last post, I have spent considerable time in Africa, India and Thailand. V took a LOA and we spent three blissful months traveling across India and Thailand. A month in India, included 10 days in gorgeous Ladakh and two most amazing months spent (sleeping, drinking, partying, chilling etc) in Thailand. North and South. It was the most amazing time of our lives. We traveled light and traveled a LOT!
Anyways, now I’m back and look fwd to blogging once again. :)