Fan of fans {lovely modern, vintage, retro fans to keep you cool}

This summer, treat yourself to a cool fan, adding some cooling effect to your life. I’m digging these, right here.. Would love a vintage table fan in my room.. for that extra touch of fun and funk and of course, so handy when every now and then the AC fails to keep us cool enough! :)
via apartmenttheraphy
  < I found this fan in Bangkok, at a flea market! :)
 Alternatively, grab your hands on that old table fan lying in your grand mom’s garage and color it up! To make full use, make sure it works! :) 
So, which one are you digging?? 

The Zettel’Z {Ingo Maurer’s poetic lighting}

 I first saw this lamp while walking on the streets of Saint-Malo, some two years back. Instant love. Had to go into the store and admire it.. made of steel, wires and japanese paper – trust me it looks amazing!! A perfect way bringing light, paper and poetry/art together. It is the Zettel’Z – Ingo Maurer, the German light designer’s creative piece. ingo maurer pendant lamp – 1,220$

 limited edition


Movie Decor {Dev D}

When movies meet design, their is a certain magic that happens… not every movie will transport you in a place so perfectly true to their vision. But then again this is a movie which is almost perfectly made. It’s one of those cult movies… a perfect adaptation, a script so flawless, it’s beautiful, the characters so finely carved – it would be any actors dream. Abhay Deol is so awesome and everything about the movie just works. It’s got one of the most shocking first scenes I have seen in a movie, especially for an Indian audience. If you haven’t seen it, dude.. get it now… 
That brings me to the sets and design of the movie. Everything fit in so well, but I especially like the dark, glitzy pad of chanda, which is just so charming in its own way, and Dev’s psychedelic, bohemian sense of being is matched with equally engaging backdrops. 
I hope you enjoy the visual journey, I love this movie! :) Thanks to Anurag Kashyap for making this masterpiece. 

Adorable ideas for adorable ones

  twin set 36$  cute!!   

design you won lamp – 36$
my favorite one! It’s layered, so you can display new art pieces every now and then. 

 Keep it handy, you will cherish it forever. Or alternatively use any handy small pretty diary to keep recording all those shocking, cute quotes by your little ones! :) 
   So much fun to make things!  build your own kaleidoscope – 14.95$