Dress forms

I’m a sucker for many a things in life, oh, how I love things!! :) And one such thing I have wanted for very very long and continue to look for, is a perfect dress form. Yes, simple, gorgeous vintage (or not, but preferably vintage) dress form.  I saw one in Fontainebleau, when we were living in France. It was at one of the thrift shops, made of wrought iron it was the perfect shape, size and look. It was also 100 Euros, I would have got it, but how would I have shipped it? Well since then I’m on a look out for one..
If you find one, you know you don’t have to be a dress maker to get on of these! :)
Although, if you have a craft room, or artist studio, it’s just the perfect add on!

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Spring in a jar {ideas to use old bottles and jar}

 I am a big recycler of things. I try to be atleast. Looking at all the things I collect, mostly it’s a pleasure and sometimes pain (when they are still waiting to be turned into something beautiful and useful). And I specially love glass bottles and jars, so I keep all the little jars and bottles that come home in grocery packaging form, or if I order water at a cafe/restaurant and it’s a glass bottle, it comes back home with me and is loved and used in many ways. Well, I must share in the process of doing the latter and while I have paid for the expensive water (comes in the bottle), 99% of the time the company I’m in is usually embarrassed about me walking out with the glass bottle! But I do it anyways, because I care! :)

 I also have a few uses for the empty wine bottles.. – they get clean of their stickers and turned into vases, soap dispensers, water bottles, decoration etc.. 

For now, get inspired by these lovely ideas and maybe next time you are throwing the glass jar the pasta came in, you will think about interesting ways to use it! Alternatively, keep your eyes open for beautiful recycled glass vases! :)

use food color to get this look!
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I have many many more ideas to use glass bottles and jars, coming your way very soon! :) For now make some spring happen in old bottles and mason jars, at your home, for you to love! 
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Dreams in Drapes {canopies in living spaces}

Be it outdoors, bedroom or any living space, a beautiful canopy can transform any area into a beautiful personal story. Romantic and breezy, luxurious and indulgent or chic and modern, give it any twist you want. Delicate muslin canopies would be my choice, but choose cottons, silks.. anything you want.. and you don’t always need a four poster bed to do this!
So, get inspired and transform your fav space into a romantic story. Don’t forget to send me pictures!

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 beautiful indian print canopy by Laura Casey

I would love to know which one of these did you like the best? 

The magic carpet

I have to confess I’m not a big fan of proper heavy carpets. I’m more of a light rugs from Fabindia , Ikea, Zara kind of person..  I have this thing in my head about them carpets – they go with proper heavy expensive (sometimes boring) furniture. But I came across this and I can’t help but keep staring… and wanting.. oh so badly… and now you do too, don’t you?? :)
These are the new Color Reform crapets by ABC carpet & Home color reform carpets My heart is almost aching looking at these :( 

And how about these in Ikat print? Why not, if your pocket can afford it. At over 6,000$, Can yours? :)

Reading nooks

Curling up in a cozy corner with a fantastic book is a luxury most people enjoy. Even when life passes you by real fast, with either a job that takes more out of you and your weekends than it should, or it’s the daily routine that sucks you in – kids, laundry, school, cooking.. What helps is a special space right at your home where you can spend some precious free time connecting with another world – the world of books. :) And it becomes sweeter than sweet when it’s in a special place.. like your favorite nook, right at your home! 
Check out these lovely reading nooks and get inspired! 
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As for me, I have a nook in my dining area, by the big window overlooking the Burj (where I usually dwell on cook books) and I love to read in my bed :) Where do you like to read, how is your reading nook?
Now, where’s the rain and coffee aam panna?? :)